Web Store Available Shortly!

This page will be linked to products from the largest suppliers in Oceana! Stay tuned to see if you can beat our prices, range of products and after sales service!


If you want a quote, simply ring or email us at this point in time, (see contact link), otherwise we are working on the web store as our first priority so keep posted!


About the Web Store

Objectives and Strategies

It is our goal to develop and maintain long-term customer relationships by providing the best value in computer hardware and software, backed up by superior after sales service.


We understand our customer’s needs and strive to be a dependable supplier who can provide very competitive prices and excellent backup after sales support. We offer cutting edge computer systems and products, priding ourselves in innovation and quality. ASC Consultants have partnered with some of the largest suppliers in the southern hemisphere, providing us with a huge range of computer technology and communications systems and specialised hardware components to cater for your specific needs.


Consultancy Combined With Product Supply

Because of the constant changing environment in Information and Communications Technology, we make every effort to meet those demands by keeping informed and constantly reassessing our skill set to provide down to earth, cost effective and practical solutions.


Combined Information System and Web Store

The web store will be part of a cutting edge information system which we believe will help differentiate our company from our competitors by allowing us to provide customers with a good ‘knowledge’ about products, enabling a more informed decision prior to purchase. It will supply instant feedback to customers via email and logon privileges with regard to shipping, invoices, and general order status. It will allow tracking of all your transactional history and additional configuration of customer settings so we can arrange special incentive schemes for our high profile customers. It will give us the tools to quickly address and track any problems that may arise. All these features will help give a personal touch when it comes customer satisfaction which is otherwise difficult without such advanced systems.


Contact and Speak to Real People

Our contact details are freely available so our customers can talk to real people for queries or questions. Continuous improvement initiatives are also identified through a combination of open dialogue and being able to capture strategic information and access this readily .



Our convenient system offers same day shipping within Australia.


Client Focus

We concentrate on home, and private individuals as well as small to large businesses, from educational to larger corporate government and private departments organisations and in catering for large IT Projects Australia wide.