Welcome to ASC Consultants Free Wiki Computer Knowledgebase called WikiTec

It is our genuine hope that everyone who decide to avail themselves of this facility, will gain a better understand of a rapidly advancing technology, so you can be better prepared to utilize the benefits of this often hard to understand area that has voluntarily or involuntarily taken over our lives. We encourage and hope your participation will be enjoyable and that you will be able to be use Wikitec as central reference point to compile all answerers to your problems related to information technology. A regular backup will be taken so that your valuable input will be kept indefinitely.

If you have any suggestions for a new topic or problem that should be covered, please feel free to email us and we will endeavour to post your answers quickly.

The objective of WikiTec is to:

  • Provide an open source area where valuable information can be gathered, used and is not restricted by copyright – (similar to Wikipedia)
  • An area where IT Professionals and novices can place their user and personal findings related to information technology
  • Provide a central point where everyone can gain essential knowledge related to Information & Communication Technology (Computers) mainly scoped to Australia, (articles will become global when the need arises)
  • Give everyone from novices to knowledgeable people a chance to share their knowledge by allowing them easily access to add to existing or add new topics/pages
  • Collect a large Knowledgebase of helpful tips and tricks relating to basic and advanced computer technology that can be searched or found by browsing the SideBar under the various heading categories
  • Create a place where people from computer specialists to the home user can document there findings for future reference

Feel free to browse the side bar or search the site until you find your answers to basic and curly problems related to information technology. Also you are welcome to add new articles or fine tune existing articles in the hope that Wikitec will build into an invaluable source for both new and experienced computer users. We hope you find Wikitec helpful and we look forward to your contributions if you feel inspired to do so.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions you would like answered, please email us and we will implement your suggestions and give you answers as soon as we can (probably within the next couple of days)

If you intend on using this site for a less noble means such spam or other such endeavours, your efforts will be in vain as these pages will be promptly removed and you will be blocked from using this site